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Leveraging Tech-Driven Parenting Support for Optimal Child Development

The first 1001 days, from conception to two years old, is considered to be the most important time in a child’s life for development, more so than at any other time in their lives. In fact, by the age of two, a child’s brain is already 80% developed, and has been making around one million new connections every second..

In this masterclass, we delve into the profound impact of the first 1001 days of life on overall development, recognizing it as a critical window for a baby’s growth. We’ll explore the lasting impact of early experiences, shedding light on the potential of tech-driven parenting chatbots to revolutionize parental support.

THE POWER OF THE FIRST 1001 DAYS | Leveraging Tech-Driven Parenting Support for Optimal Child Development

When: 29 NOVEMBER 2023 @ 8pm SAST | 6PM GMT

Where: Online (you will receive a Zoom linked on confirmation of booking)

Cost: FREE



  • The critical window for baby’s growth and the lasting impact of early experiences on long-term well-being.
  • The key areas of development that occur during the first 1001 days, including Physical development, Cognitive development, Social and emotional development:
  • The impact of early experiences on long-term well-being of the child
  • The priority we place on protecting our little ones and the impact on parents’ mental and physical well-being, as well as other aspects of their lives. 
  • Establishing your own  parenting style and ethos. 
  • What your baby needs from you
  • What you need in order to parent effectively
  • How Technology Can Support Parents Better
  • Boosting Parental Confidence
  • Tailored Support for Every Parent: 
  • Ethical Tech for All: 
  • Human Touch: the role of human interaction and professional guidance 

Meg Faure will be available for a limited time after the session to answer your questions.


Occupational Therapist and Infant Specialist

An Occupational Therapist with over 25 years of experience in pediatric care, Meg Faure is renowned as an infant specialist, author, and parenting expert. Founder of Baby Sense and creator of the Parent Sense app, Meg continues to be a trusted authority in child development, actively engaging in international lectures, innovative digital solutions, and her podcast, "Sense by Meg Faure."