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Weaning Sense Group Coaching


Weaning Sense co-authors Meg Faure and Kath Megaw are pleased to bring you an online weaning course that will demystify weaning and, using current research, give you an easy to use, real food solution!

Grounded firmly in science and using simple and inspiring ingredient combinations with minimal equipment and quick preparation times, the authors will introduce you to a revolutionary way to wean your baby.



Over the course of 5 weeks, you will receive:

  • Nutritionally balanced meal plans
  • Handy weekly shopping lists
  • Weekly Masterclasses
  • Q&A session with Kath Megaw
  • Over 50 delicious, baby-friendly recipe ideas & recipe demonstrations
  • Optional extended membership to Weaning Sense Portal

Based on the best selling Weaning Sense book from co-authors Kath Megaw & Meg FaureIs your baby ready to start solids but you’re not sure where to start? Baby cereal, jarred foods or homemade? Fruit or veg first? What about allergies? When do we start proteins? How can I avoid picky eating?

Weaning can be confusing. There’s so much contradictory information out there, it’s hard to know how exactly to start your baby on solids. Weaning Sense online course demystifies weaning and guides you step-by-step using the latest research and practical advice for the busy world we live in. For inspiring ingredient combinations with minimal equipment and quick prep times, join this convenient online course for a revolutionary way to wean your baby successfully.