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Sleep & Your Baby Masterclass 2024


OT & best-selling author, Meg Faure, presents an interactive talk about the practical ways to establish good sleep habits. Whether your little one is an infant or a toddler, this talk explores: 

✔    Age-appropriate day and night sleep patterns

✔    Solving sleep regressions: 17 week, 9 month and toddler

✔    When & how your baby develops & links sleep cycles

✔    Approaching sleep from a sensory perspective

✔    How to help your baby sleep through the night 

If you could use more sleep than you don’t want to miss this talk! 

Join us on 17 APRIL 2023 | 8pm SAT | R100 to attend


As a parent to a little one, you will know how elusive sleep can be – especially in the early days but even until toddlerhood. Meg Faure, well-known author and baby expert, will guide you through the basics of baby sleep and share practical tips to establish healthy sleep habits. Join this Masterclass if you are: 

✔  battling to settle your little one to sleep at bedtime, 

dealing with multiple night wakings, or 

want to empower yourself about how sleep cycles develop.

Sleep plays such a vital part in your baby’s growth & development. Establishing healthy sleep habits from the onset will not only help to optimise your baby’s development, but it’s good for parents too! My step-by-step, practical approach to baby sleep addresses the basic causes of sleep issues to the emotional factors that will help your baby sleep better.” – Meg Faure, OT, author & baby specialist  



Meg Faure is an OT, best-selling author of the Baby Sense book series & founder of Parent Sense app. She has over 25 years of clinical practice where she specialised in sensory sensitive & fussy babies. She has worked with new parents and little ones all over the world to improve sleep with practical, science-based and gentle methods & guidance. Meg’s expertly-developed Sleep Sense online course has been proven to transform sleep in as little as 3 weeks. Above all, Meg is passionate about supporting & empowering parents to parent with confidence and master their little one’s sleep, feeding, weaning, health & development.