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Preterm Infant Care | For Parents and Professionals (Recording)


 If you are pregnant, a preemie parent, paediatrician, nurse, therapist or Allied Health professional working with preterm infants, then this interactive online workshop is a must! 

We’ve gathered together some of SA’s leading experts in premature infant care to bring you an insightful, practical workshop with learnings that you can implement immediately to enhance the NICU experience for tiny lives. Join OT, author & infant specialist, Meg Faure, Professor Welma Lubbe & Clinical Paediatric Dietician, Kath Megaw to deepen your understanding of sensory care & the preemie feeding journey in the NICU and beyond. 

Expectant parents and parents of premature babies are welcome to join.


November is Prematurity Awareness Month and we’re taking the opportunity to support & empower healthcare professionals working with preterm babies with an interactive, online workshop: Preterm Infant Care for Professionals.  

Hosted by OT, author & infant specialist, Meg Faure, the workshop will include practical knowledge & expertise from Professor Welma Lubbe & Clinical Paediatric Dietician, Kath Megaw, to enhance the quality of care you offer preterm families. Here’s more of what’s in store: 

  • A deeper understanding of the importance of sensory care in the NICU 
  • How the physical environment impacts sensory development in preemies 
  • Explore the parents role in sensory development in NICU & at home 
  • Navigating the preterm feeding journey 
  • Monitoring and understanding what can limit feed progression 
  • Supporting mothers to establish milk supply and master a good latch & sucking reflex 
  • The ideal pace at which to guide preemies along their feeding journey 

Who should attend this workshop?  

Paediatricians, Nurses, Therapists & Allied Healthcare Professionals working with preterm infants and their parents. Expectant parents and parents of premature babies are also welcome to join. 

Healthcare professionals earn 1 CPD point for attending the 2 hour workshop. 

Join this insightful, science-backed workshop from some of SA’s leading healthcare professionals.

presented by

Prof Welma Lubbe (PhD, MTech, RN, Adv M, NE)

Professor in Nursing and Midwifery & Director of the NuMIQ Research Entity at North-West University

Welma Lubbe is passionate about enhancing the quality of care in nursing and midwifery, particularly in preterm baby care. Welma is also the founder of Little Steps – an online resource dedicated to premature baby care for professionals and parents.  https://littlesteps.co.za/

presented by Kath Megaw

Kath Megaw is a clinical paediatric dietician & the founder of Nutripaeds. Kath holds 4 medical degrees, including a qualification in paediatric nutrition from the Johns Hopkins University in the US. She is a well-known author and co-author of the best-selling Weaning Sense book & consultant for the Parent Sense app. Kath is passionate about helping parents to instill healthy eating habits in their little ones that will last for a lifetime. She is an expert on nutrition and weaning and gives regular talks and lectures on the subject.