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Parenting Your Preterm Baby


An incredible resource for Premie Parents and Professionals .

Attendees will complete this course with a deeper knowledge of fetal development, an understanding of the principals that can be applied to mimic the final stages of gestation in the NICU and confidence in their own ability to interact with the premature baby and interpret their cues.

Here’s you can expect from this online course:

  • 9 Learning modules
  • Downloadable glossary of NICU terminology
  • Bonus content and list of available resources


This workshop covers topics such as fetal development, the NICU, understanding and handling your preterm baby, KMC and parenting your little premmie. Welma has included a bonus MODULE on supporting family and friends

Course format

• Welcome video download your course manual
• Meet Welma

MODULE 1 | Fetal Development
Understanding the fetal development will help you adapt the care of the preterm baby after birth
• Sensory development In the womb
• Brain development In the womb

The NICU is a whole new world for parents and not at all what they dreamt about when their little person arrives.When to go to HospitaL
• The rude awakening
• The premmie brain
• The NICU and equipment to monitor babies

MODULE 3 | Understanding Premie Development
A preterm baby develops in an organised way which can be explained through five subsytems.
• The developmental model
• Gorski states
• Five sub-systems
• Sleep states

MODULE 4 |The Disorganised Baby
Identifying stress cues in the premmie help parents and caregivers to be tuned-in to the baby’s needs and enable them to help the baby towards self-regulation
• Disorganised subsystems
• Stress cues•

MODULE 5 | Interacting with the premmie
Understanding the baby’s ability to self-regulate and knowing some techniques to position and handle the premmie will ensure a calm baby.
• Self-regulatory behaviour
• Positioning
• Handling techniques
• LittleSteps – Swaddle Bath video 2022

MODULE 6 | Skin-to-skin care
Skin-to-skin care is the best treatment a preterm infant can receive and has benefits far beyond bonding, temperature regulation and successful breastfeeding.
• Skin-to-skin benefits explained
• How to do skin-to-skin care

Feeding Is a challenging event for any newborn baby and new mother, but It can be even more stressful for a preterm Infant that Is challenged by Immaturity and Illness.
• Feeding before breastfeeding
• Moving from tube to oral feeding
• Breastfeeding In preterm babies

MODULE 8 | Parents of Preterm babies
Parents experience a life changing and very traumatic event when a baby is born premature and understanding the emotional roller coaster is very important to help them cope.
• What parents must cope with
• Parents reaction following preterm birth
• Parent milestones
• Support for parents
• Siblings

MODULE 9 | Taking your Premmie baby Home
Taking a preterm baby home may be a very stressful thought, but with all the tools from this course in your toolbox and parent intuition you are ready to take on the next step of this journey
• Preparing to go home
• Preparing your baby’s room
• Thinking about sleeping, transport, care
• Immunisations and calming

Closing Module
• Feedback form
• Farewell and final tips

presented by

Prof Welma Lubbe (PhD, MTech, RN, Adv M, NE)

Professor in Nursing and Midwifery & Director of the NuMIQ Research Entity at North-West University

Welma Lubbe is a . She is passionate about enhancing the quality of care in nursing and midwifery, particularly in preterm baby care. Welma is also the founder of Little Steps – an online resource dedicated to premature baby care for professionals and parents.  https://littlesteps.co.za/