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Lactation Support 3 | Online Consultation with Linda Britz


This online consultation pack provides the user with 2 x online sessions with Linda Britz, (Lactation Specialist | Registered Nurse & Midwife), offering support and encouragement as you establish breastfeeding. Your lactation consultant will work with you and your baby to increase your chances of having a long and successful breastfeeding experience.


Breastfeeding can be difficult both emotionally and physically. Without a doubt, consulting with lactation consultant is a tremendous source of emotional support and encouragement

The first few weeks of your baby’s life are the most important time for establishing breastfeeding. Your lactation consultant can work with you and your baby to increase your chances of having along and successful breastfeeding experience.

A lactation consultant is specially trained and certified to help you with any problems or concerns you have related to breastfeeding your baby. They can offer reassurance and troubleshoot specific issues with you. Some things you can expect to learn from your lactation consultant are:


  • The importance of breastcare
  • The benefits of skin-to-skin
  • Positioning and latching comfortably and effectively
  • Recognising a good feed time
  • Nipple care


  • Managing the fullness of your breasts
  • Preventing plugged / blocked ducts
  • Establishing a feeding pattern
  • Noting baby’s cues for feeding
  • Confidence factors for successful breastfeeding
  • Managing and supporting a good supply


  Sammy Hammond, B. Speech, Language & Hearing Therapist, SACLC Lactation Consultant & Neonatal Therapist

Sr. Linda Britz is a registered nurse, midwife, psychiatric nurse and lactation specialist and consultant.

As an internationally qualified Lactation Specialist, Linda is passionate about the well being of mothers and babies. Linda promotes a good start to to the nursing journey by consulting with mothers after birth and supporting them in achieve success in breastfeeding their babies.