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Infant Sensory Integration Training (ISIT) 3


Infant Sensory Integration Training (ISIT) 3 is the final course in a series of three ISIT courses that are developed to enrich your work as a therapist. ISIT 3 will explore sensory integration deficits and social-emotional deficits in infants. You will learn practical strategies for assessing SI deficits. You will also get in-depth information into various approaches to treatment, including working with the parent on SI interventions. Treatment techniques for social-emotional deficits in infancy will also be unpacked and leave you with a full picture of deficits and how to manage them.


ISIT 3 | Sensory Integration Disorders

Infant Sensory Integration Training (ISIT) 3 is a CPD-accredited online course that gives you the science & the practical techniques you need to assess and treat sensory processing deficits. Sensory processing has a fundamental effect on all areas of development. Infants with sensory processing deficits may manifest with behavioural, social and emotional challenges.

This course covers two areas of where deficits can present: sensory integration deficits and social-emotional deficits.

Is the ISIT 3 | Sensory Integration Disorders for you? 

If you are a therapist who wants to expand your knowledge and skills to treat disorders, on completion of the Infant Sensory Integration Training (ISIT) 3, you will:

  • Learn strategies for assessing SI deficits in infants

  • Explore treatment approaches, including working through the parent on SI interventions

  • Get practical techniques to work with social-emotional deficits in infancy

ISIT 3 is presented by OT & SI specialist, Meg Faure.


Course overview & objectives:

SESSION 1 | MODULE 1 : Assessing Sensory Integration deficits in infants

  • Assessment overview

  • Interpretation of results

  • Formulating a plan

SESSION 2 | MODULE 3 : Treatment techniques

  • Working through the parent

  • Home programs

  • Hands on SI

SESSION 3 | MODULE 3 : Social-Emotional Deficits

  • Treatment techniques


What you can expect from this online course:

  • 3 Learning modules
  • 4 Hr and 15 minutes Pre-recorded masterclasses presented by Meg Faure
  • PDF downloads of  course presentation and notes
  • Bonus content / articles, hints and tips




presented by Meg Faure

Meg Faure is an Occupational Therapist, baby specialist and well-known author & co-author of the Sense series of parenting and baby books, including the best-selling Baby Sense and Weaning Sense books. Meg is an expert on all things sensory and has lectured internationally on Infant Sensory Integration & Disorders for OTs around the world. In 2020, Meg founded Parent Sense – an all-in-one baby app to give new parents a convenient, credible source of information, useful tips and all the secrets to successful parenting in the first precious year of life.