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Infant Sensory Integration Training (ISIT) 1 LIVE


Meg Faure presents her highly acclaimed Infant Sensory Integration Training (ISIT) 1 via LIVE Webinar this May. Don’t miss this opportunity to attend this CPD-accredited course, enhance your impact as a therapist and help parents to understand their infant’s sensory world.

We’ll be covering the fundamentals of Sensory Integration, the development of the sensory systems in babies and what function and dysfunction looks like. You will deepen your understanding the parent-infant relationship and be able to guide parents on how to nurture attachment. Self-regulation and Infant Regulatory Disorders (IRDs) are also explored to give you a firm foundational understanding of SI.


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ISIT 1 | Sensory Integration (SI), Relationships and Self-regulation

14 JUNE 2024 | 9AM – 3PM

How can you help parents make the most of what’s known as ‘the 1001 critical days?’ It is during the period between conception and 2 years old that infants develop the foundations for future learning, relationships and behaviour.

We know that at birth, a newborn’s genetic and congenital make-up provides a base for their engagement style, based on the infant’s sensory profile. But the way an infant is nurtured, their early relationships and the synergy between sensory processing and their environment, strongly influences the baby’s ability to self-regulate.

Infant Sensory Integration Training (ISIT) 1 online course covers the fundamentals of Sensory Integration (SI). You learn about the development of the sensory systems in infants, and how to recognise function and dysfunction. The course also explores the parent-infant relationship and how to nurture attachment.

Is the ISIT 1 | Sensory Integration (SI), Relationships and Self-regulation for you? 

On completion of the course, you will:

  • be more equipped to help parents understand their role in the development of self-regulation
  • have a in-depth understanding of how adaptive self-regulation forms the foundation of most aspects of learning and function, and
  • deepen your knowledge of SI and Infant Regulatory Disorders (IRD) in the context of sensory processing.

ISIT 1 is presented by OT & SI specialist, Meg Faure

SESSION 1 | MODULE 1 & 2 : Sensory Integration

  • To understand how sensory integration develops in utero and over the next three years.
  • To identify the infant/toddler’s sensory profile.
  • To understand the emergence of sensory modulation in the typically developing child.

SESSION 2 | MODULE 3; 4 & 5 : Parent-Infant relationship

  • To learn about the impact of attachment and emotional engagement.
  • To equip parents with the skills to co-regulate with their infant.
  • To understand the sensory fit between parents and their infant/toddler.

SESSION 3 | MODULE 6 : Regulation, self-regulation and regulatory disorders

  • To learn how self-regulation develops.
  • To recognize Infant Regulatory Disorders (IRD) – fussy baby, sleep problem, feeding issues.
  • To support and empower parents of infants with IRD.

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Presented by Meg Faure
Meg Faure is an Occupational Therapist, baby specialist and well-known author & co-author of the Sense series of parenting and baby books, including the best-selling Baby Sense and Weaning Sense books. Meg is an expert on all things sensory and has lectured internationally on Infant Sensory Integration & Disorders for OTs around the world. In 2020, Meg founded Parent Sense – an all-in-one baby app to give new parents a convenient, credible source of information, useful tips and all the secrets to successful parenting in the first precious year of life.