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Get Confident With Choking | Online Course


No parent wants to think about their little one experiencing a choking episode. But the reality is that every parent can and should be confident to prevent and manage choking at mealtimes, during play time or anytime. Become the expert on managing choking with this friendly, self-paced online course.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Define choking and understand why it happens
  • Identify choking hazards
  • Distinguish between choking, gagging and coughing
  • Assess a choking episode and determine level of intervention required
  • Manage a choking episode


This course promises to deliver thorough, evidence-based information that will equip you with the skills you need to identify a choking situation and respond with appropriate intervention.

All information provided in this course is referenced and resourced appropriately and based on the Resuscitation Council UK Guidelines. 


Is this online course for me?
If you want to learn these life-saving skills in a non-threatening and evidence-based way… then yes!
☑   You might be weaning your bub soon, or have recently started
☑   You might have older children, and worry about choking
☑   You might have recently experienced your child having a choking episode, and want to brush up on your training
☑   You might be a grandparent or family member who is looking after children


Course format

Module 1 | Welcome and Why does choking happen?

  • Introduction
  • Your workbook for printing
  • Choking defined, and why it can happen
  • Confidence quiz


Module 2: What can babies and children choke on?

  • Higher risk foods and items
  • Choking risks within your home
  • Confidence quiz


Module 3: Identifying a choking episode

  • Gagging vs coughing vs choking
  • Putting it all together
  • Confidence quiz


Module 4: Management of a choking episode

  • Management of a choking baby
  • Management of a choking child
  • Confidence quiz
  • Helpful reminder for printing


Module 5: Care of the unresponsive, non-breathing casualty

  • Primary survey (DRSABC)
  • Confidence quiz


Summary and completion

  • Well done!
  • Quick completion survey

presented by

Sammy Davies

Nurse. Aussie. Mum of three. Lover of evidence and research

Sammy has been a first aid trainer for over 5 years. After specialising in Nursing Education, Sammy worked for over a decade managing critically unwell patients and teaching nurses both at the bedside and within the University sector.