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Choosing Childcare


Is your toddler ready to start daycare or preschool? How will you decide which play school is best for your little one? What would an ideal day look like for your child when you’re at work or they’re not in your care? It can be a tough decision deciding on the best place for your child and it can have an impact on your child’s future learning journey.

In this informative talk, OT and co-founder of Play Sense, Meg Faure shares the top guidelines for choosing the right childcare for little ones between 2 and 5 years old.


As your little one reaches the age of two, you may start to wonder about the best way to nurture their curiosity, foster their social skills, and provide them with the care they need to thrive. Choosing a playschool is an important decision, and one that requires careful consideration.
In this informative online talk presented by OT, author, and co-founder of Play Sense, Meg Faure, you will be able to identify the key factors to look for when choosing the right playschool for your child:
  • A safe environment is key – physically and emotionally
  • The necessity of an engaged, nurturing teacher
  • Learning through play for optimal development, and
  • The importance of low teacher to child ratios

Whether you’re a first-time parent or simply looking for guidance on the next step in your child’s education, this talk is not to be missed. Get all the insights you need to choose a play- or preschool that keeps your child feeling safe, loved, and learning.

Meg Faure (BSc OT,OTR) Infant Specialist

Meg Faure is an Occupational Therapist, baby specialist and well-known author & co-author of the Sense series of parenting and baby books, including the best-selling Baby Sense and Weaning Sense books. Meg is an expert on all things sensory and has lectured internationally on Infant Sensory Integration & Disorders for OTs around the world. In 2020, Meg founded Parent Sense – an all-in-one baby app to give new parents a convenient, credible source of information, useful tips and all the secrets to successful parenting in the first precious year of life.