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Preparing for birth can be overwhelming and you’ll no doubt have a number of questions about what is right for you & your little one.  Understanding the procedures and options that are available will help you to make informed decisions as you prepare to bring your little one into the world.

As you embark on the incredible journey of pregnancy and childbirth, we’ve teamed up with Snuggletime to provide provide you with essential knowledge, skills, and support during the pregnancy and childbirth journey. For the months of July, August and September 2023, Tina Otte’s ante natal workshop will be available for you to attend online for free.

Snuggletime offers the best and most innovative nursery products specialising in safe sleeping, bath time, mother comfort and nursery essentials for baby’s first years. Parent Sense and Snuggletime are honoured to be a part of your extraordinary journey and we hope that you will find our advice and guidance valuable as you prepare to bring your little one into the world.


Preparing for birth can be overwhelming. There are so many decisions that you need to make and you’ll no doubt have a number of questions about what is right for you & your little one. Join the online antenatal class by SA’s leading child birth expert to prepare for the journey of a lifetime.

What you can expect from this online course:

  • 9 Learning modules
  • 9 Pre-recorded masterclasses presented by Tina Otte
  • Bonus content / articles, hints and tips
  • 53 Page downloadable Birth Sense manual

Having a baby is a normal physiological event that our wise body knows how to do. The information and advice given on this course will provide a mother with knowledge about many of the procedures and options that are available to her today and will go a long way to enhancing her birth experience, no matter what her choices are.


·        Welcome video download your course manual

·        download your hospital packing list

·        download your birth plan preparation guide

MODULE 1 | Birth Options 39 mins
·        Active birth

·        Water birth

·        Home birth

·        Hospital birth

·        The hormones that help and hinder labour & how they work:

·        Oxytocin / Endorphins / Catecholamines

MODULE 2 | When to go to hospital and signs of Labour 27 mins
·        Pre labour signs

·        When to go to HospitaL

·        How to time a contraction

·        Understanding the First stage of labour

·        The three ‘P’s of Labour plus two more

·        What happens when your “membranes release?”

MODULE 3 | Understanding Labour Pain 30 mins
·        Understanding labour pain

·        Why is labour painful? Dealing with the pain of Labour

·        Coping Skills – unmedicated pain relief

MODULE 4 |Second & Third stage of Labour 18 mins
·        Second & third stage of labour

·        Tips on Pushing

·        Delayed cord clampingWriting a birth plan

MODULE 5 | Interventions 6 mins
·        Induction of labour

·        Methods of induction

·        Foetal Heart monitoring

·        Intravenous fluids

·        Forceps

·        Vacuum extractor

·        Artificial rupture of membranes

·        Episiotomy

MODULE 6 | Medicated Pain Relief 17 mins
·        Medicated forms of Pain Relief, including: Aterax / Pethidine /

·        Entonox

·        Epidural Block

·        Spinal Block

·        How is it done? Side effects

·        Advantages & Disadvantages

MODULE 7 | Caesarean Birth 51 mins
·        What is C/S Birth? What you need to know

·        Advantages and Disadvantages

·        Reasons for C/S – Maternal/ Foetal/ Placental

·        Planned / Unplanned / Emergency C/S

·        Theatre Procedure

MODULE 8 | The Golden Hour & Skin-on-skin 17 mins
·        Explanation of the Golden hour

·        The importance of Skin-to-Skin contact at birth

·        S2S – Benefits to baby

·        S2S – Benefits to mother

MODULE 9 | Healing after Birth. The first three days 17mins
·        Bonding

·        Post-partum Health

·        S2S – Benefits to baby

·        S2S – Benefits to mother

Closing Module
·        Feedback form

·        Farewell and final tips


presented by Tina Otte (REGISTERED NURSE / MIDWIFE)

Tina is a Midwife by profession, and studied further to obtain an International Certification as a Childbirth Educator. (ICCE)
In private practice teaching expectant couples for over 35 years.
Author of 5 books on pregnancy and birth which have been published internationally.
Specialist prenatal fitness instructor & trainer of health professionals
Certified infant massage instructor. (CIMI)
Former specialist editor of ‘Your Pregnancy Magazine’.
Married to Ralph for 42 years and most importantly – mother of two beautiful adult daughters & grandmother of four!