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Attachment and Good Enough Parenting


Finding our own parenting path

The Good Enough Parenting Course, presented by Lindi Lawrensen, provides indispensable guidance to parents as they navigate the complexities and joys of parenthood.

Gain the tools and strategies needed to nurture resilient and happy children.Throughout the program, participants explore the concept of good enough parenting, emphasizing the vital role of attachment and delving into three key qualities: responsiveness; acceptance and the establishment of healthy boundaries.


The Good Enough Parenting Course is presented by Lindi Lawrensen, a dedicated psychotherapist and occupational therapist. This program offers invaluable assistance to parents navigating the challenges and joys of parenthood.

Lindi understands the complexities that come with raising children and the overwhelming decisions that parents often face. With a heartfelt desire to empower parents, Lindi has created a course that provides the essential tools and knowledge required to nurture content, healthy, and resilient children:

Throughout the program, participants delve into the concept of good enough parenting, emphasizing the significance of attachment and exploring three fundamental qualities: responsiveness, acceptance, and providing structure.

By addressing common parental challenges and offering practical strategies, Lindi ensures that parents are well-equipped for their lifelong journey of raising children. Participants can confidently embrace the role of the parent they aspire to be, ready to tackle both the highs and lows of parenthood.


  • Welcome to Attachment and Good Enough Parenting
  • Meet Lindi Lawrensen


  • Masterclass 1 What is Good Enough Parenting?  
  • Masterclass 2 How can this concept of good enough parenting support us?


MODULE 2 | Secure Attachment

  • Masterclass 1 What is a secure attachment between a baby and a parent all about?
  • Masterclass 2 What role could a secure attachment between a parent and baby play in a child’s development?
  • Masterclass 3 How do the interactions we have with our babies and toddlers start to influence them?
  • Masterclass 4 How are the other 3 areas of growth and learning in a child’s life impacted by the interactions they have with their parents?


MODULE 3 | Qualities of Parenting

  • Masterclass 1 What do we do as a parent when we hold our baby and what does this mean for our baby?
  • Masterclass 2 How do we actively go about psychologically holding our child and what other impact does our holding quality have on our babies and toddlers?
  • Masterclass 3 What is mirroring and why is it important for our child?
  • Masterclass 4 What is attunement and why is it important for our child?
  • Masterclass 5 What goes on for our child when we tune into them?

FAREWELL 🏆 Course wrap up

  • Closing And Reflection
  • Course Questionnaire – Student Feedback
  • Closing Admin

Presented by Lindi Lawrensen

Occupational Therapist and Psychotherapist

Lindi Lawrensen is an OT, Psychotherapist and the creator of the Making Sense series on Attachment and Good Enough parenting.

Lindi is fascinated by the ways in which babies and toddlers connect with their caregivers and is committed to helping parents raise happy, healthy children.

When do these classes take place?

You can watch the masterclasses in your own time.

Is this course aimed at children of any particular age?

The course is relevant to expectant parents and parents of babies ages 0-10 weeks.

Will I receive a certificate as proof that I have completed this course?

We can issue a simple certificate at your request. It is important to note that this course is not registered for CPD points.