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Sense-IT Limited

1. General

1.1. These Terms and Conditions apply to all participating Pick n Pay (‘the Scheme’) members and their dependants (collectively referred to as ‘Beneficiaries’) who have enrolled on the Sasolmed Maternity Management Programme (‘the Programme’) and who subscribe to the Parent Sense App (‘the App’) as part of the Programme benefits offered to them by the Scheme.

1.2. These Terms and Conditions apply in addition to, and are incorporated by reference in, the Parent Sense standard Terms and Conditions found at https://parentsense.app/terms-conditions/. Beneficiaries described in Clause 1.1 above will be required to accept the Parent Sense standard Terms and Conditions in order to subscribe to the App and to receive the Parent Sense benefits offered to Beneficiaries by virtue of their membership of the Scheme and enrolment on the Scheme’s Maternity Management Programme.

1.2.1. The Schemes Beneficiaries who have enrolled on the Programme and subscribed to the App shall have access to the following benefits, paid for by the Scheme: Premium access to the App for one year Pick n Pay Plus Members have access to two 30-minute consultations with one of our lactation consultants if they have money in their savings account. This benefit is only available to Plus Scheme Members. Access to all Parent Sense courses including the Birth and Lactation course. Free access to Aiah chatbot*

Any services described above not used within the one-year premium access period shall be forfeited. As these services are paid for by the Scheme, Beneficiaries cannot claim above specified services via both the Parent Sense App and via another registered healthcare provider for the same pregnancy – they may claim benefits per pregnancy EITHER via Parent Sense or via another registered healthcare provider. If claimed via another registered healthcare provider, the registered Rules of the Scheme and the benefits stated therein, shall apply. All maternity services/benefits are only accessible if registered on the MHS maternity programme.

1.3 As a Pick n Pay Beneficiary, you consent to Parent Sense sharing your and/or the main members’ personal information with the Scheme and its contracted Administrator or vice versa, including the products and services taken up by you within the App, as well as your app usage information. For further information about how we process your personal data, please refer to our Privacy Policy at https://parentsense.app/privacy-policy/
Data sharing between Parent Sense, the Scheme and its contracted Administrator is a requirement to enable us to offer and to administer the products and services set out herein.

1.4. If you have any queries related to any of your Parent Sense benefits as a participating Pick n Pay Beneficiary, please contact us via https://parentsense.app/help/ or email [email protected]

1.5. Parent Sense reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time. Users will be notified via email of any changes in Terms and Conditions.

2. Lactation consultations (Only available to Pick n Pay Plus Members)

2.1. Consultations will be booked via the App and at the availability of the practitioners on the App.

2.2. All lactation consultations are sold in bundles of two thirty-minute slots that can be booked and redeemed concurrently or on separate days at the discretion of the patient.

2.3. Consultations must be cancelled a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the appointment.

2.4. Consultants may change/reschedule a consultation with 24 hours’ notice.

2.5. If the consultation is not cancelled within 24 hours, the consultation cannot be claimed from the Scheme and the patient will be liable for the full price of that session.

2.6. If the session is part of a bundle and it is not cancelled/rescheduled within 24 hours, that session will be deemed to have been redeemed.

2.7. If the consultation is cancelled within 24 hours of the original appointment, the patient may rebook an alternative time with the consultant based on the consultant’s availability.

2.8. If a patient is late for an appointment, the original start and finish times for that appointment will still apply. Additionally, the patient will be liable for the full price for the entire appointment as booked.

2.9. Any additional sessions purchased outside of the patient’s benefits (two 30-min sessions) will be for their personal cost and cannot be claimed against their Scheme benefits.

2.10. We are not bound by nor do we accept any liability for any advice given to patients by the consultants or any other third-party advisors.

2.12. We are not responsible for any booking, cancellations and changes of appointments with consultants.

2.13 Access to booking will only be available if the Scheme Member has saving available to fund the consultation.