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1. How do I activate my Parent Sense subscription using the link from Maureen Kark & Associates?

  • Open up your sign-up email
  • Go to your app store and download the Parent Sense App – available in Android and IOS stores https://bit.ly/parentsense
  • Once the app is loaded on your phone, open the app and register using your email address (we suggest using an email address you have access to while you’re on maternity leave)
  • Complete the sign in journey by telling us about you and your little one
  • Go back to the email that you used to sign up with from your phone. You will receive an email with a link to activate your free subscription to Parent Sense. 
  • Click the activation link provided in the email. Remember to open the link on the phone where your app is downloaded. Alternatively click link below from your phone:


Once complete, your subscription to the premium version of  Parent Sense will be activated.

If you are unsure, you can watch the video which shows you how to download the app and activate your subscription here: 

2. What is the difference between the free and premium version of the app?

The premium version of the app gives you access to all content, articles, toolkits, and tracking for you and baby. The free version has limited functionality.

3. How long is my subscription for?

One year 

4. Can I use the app if I am pregnant?

Yes. We provide expecting parents with weekly email throughout their pregnancy with information about her stage of pregnancy, changes in her body and her baby’s development, as well as useful advice and tips.

You will be able to test the app using our trial baby, Charlie, during your pregnancy but the app tracking, advice and functionality is most valuable once the baby is born.

5. What courses do I have access to?

  • Baby Sense 
  • Sleep Sense
  • Weaning Sense
  • Get confident with choking
  • Baby Sensory Personality
  • Tech and Toddlers
  • Positive boundaries
  • Potty training


6. How do I redeem the courses?

*Please make sure to use the correct voucher code at checkout so you are not charged for the course.

7. What are the course voucher codes?

Baby Sensory Personality: MKFREESENSORY
All other courses listed above: MKFREECOURSE

Please make sure you use the correct voucher code when checking out the course you want to attend to ensure that you activate the FREE subscription to the course.

8. For any questions related to how to use the app please click the link: https://parentsense.app/help/