The baby development app that’s backed by science & loved by parents –  Get it now.

Parenting can be lonely and being a first time mum is hard. It’s a learning journey for every new mum.

The Parent Sense app is the all-in-one baby app designed to help take the guesswork out of parenting. We set out to create an app that guides new mums through the (often) tricky first year of their baby’s life.

We offer science-based, real world advice which is tailored specifically for your baby to help you navigate that precious first year.

We are conducting a study to understand how you experience support and whether  an app like Parent Sense can support new parents and help you to feel more confident parenting your precious baby.

Our study investigates what support an app like Parent Sense can offer a new mum and specifically, how it makes them feel about themselves as a mum.

There are a few ‘best kept baby secrets’ that can help even the most prepared new mum to understand their baby better. Things like ideal awake times, sensory personalities, how and when babies link sleep cycles and more that can make the journey as a first time a mum more enjoyable, and less frustrating. If you want knowledge about what you can do to have a calmer, happier baby who’s developing optimally, then sign up now. 

We are looking for first time mums who: 

  • Are 18 years or older 
  • Gave birth in the last 6 weeks 
  • Carried their babies to full term (38-42 weeks) 

All you need to do is email [email protected] and we will be in contact with all the information you need about the study and what the next steps entail.