What to expect from birth to 3 months:

The nutritional priority of the newborn phase is to establish breastfeeding. Breastmilk and its early form (Colostrum) is loaded with many nutrients essential for nourishing your baby. Breastmilk also sets your little one up for lifelong health – immunity, metabolism and development. Breastmilk contains micronutrients that feed a healthy gut, grow the brain and feed the baby.

Tips to make it easier:

  • Latch early and feed often on the first day – at least 8 feeds.
  • Feed on demand 2-3 hourly in the early days- until your milk supply is established
  • Pumping with a good electric breast pump at the end of each feed helps to establish supply
  • If you choose to formula feed, follow your healthcare providers advice when you choose a brand of formula

Your method of feeding is not something to create guilt about. Love and contact is most important.