Rolling is important as it gives your baby his first sense of independent movement. Rolling stimulates baby’s tummy muscles, which need to be strong for him to achieve future milestones of sitting and crawling. Rolling causes baby’s body to rotate or twist naturally and this Rolling rotation is important for balance skills at a later stage. Rolling provides your baby with lots of touch stimulation through his arms, legs, tummy, back and head.

Here are a few fun activities to encourage your baby to begin rolling

  • When changing your baby’s nappy or dressing, roll him into a side-lying position. He will get used to this new sensation and will soon be completing this movement and rolling onto his tummy. 
  • When your baby is in back lying, encourage him to reach up to a toy and then let him follow it across to one side. As he reaches across his body to get the toy, help him to roll over onto his tummy, (by rolling him at his shoulder or hip). 
  • When baby is in tummy lying, rock him gently from one side to the other, then straighten one arm out in front of him and roll over that side, onto his back. Repeat to the other side.
  • Toys motivate baby to roll, so have a variety available to stimulate movement.